Our hotel is an old property located in the heart of Corbett city. Previously known as "Hotel Everest" it was listed as one of the preferred budget hotels to stay at Corbett in many Travel Magazines.

The property was being renamed after coming in the hands of new ownership & management, and was renovated and reopened three years back in January 2010 with increased no. of Rooms and with all modern facilities & a brand new name, "NEW EVEREST HOTEL".


We are currently having 10 rooms at our hotel from which 07 are Double bed rooms, 02 triple bed room & 01 four bedded room.

Tariff (Per night) (Room only basis)


CAMP MILIEU- A Birding Paradise, Ghatgarh, Nainital

Away from hustle and bustle of hectic daily lives of city dwellers, away from the polluted streets and crowded corners of plains, tucked in between the commercialised tourist destinations of Nainital and Corbett, lies Camp Milieu in Ghatgarh in Utttarakhand. Enjoy tranquillity, breathe in fresh air, explore the forest treasure trove or simply unwind in the mountains. Camp Milieu provides you with the ideal surrounding to experience the Kumaoni culture. You could listen to folk music, participate in folk dance or even join the cooking workshop or watch film shows. For those enthralled by nature, get thrilled as you catch a glimpse of the rare Great

Hornbill or follow trails of the tiger. Comfortable and safe dwelling options in mud huts or in tents or even in village homes along with hygienically cooked food, entertainment in the evenings and warm hospitality will make your trip surely memorable. Your hosts here would be the villagers, to whose lives you would unknowingly make a contribution.

Geographical Location

Camp Milieu is situated in Ghatgarh Village on Kaladhungi-Nainital Highway at an altitude of 1020 meters from MSL (29019’51.67”N and 79022’54.41”E). Camp is 255 kms away from Delhi i.e. about 6 hours drive. Corbett Tiger Reserve is 41 kms and Nainital is 22 kms away from the Camp. It takes about 50 minutes to reach Corbett and 40 minutes to reach Nainital.

  • Tent & Huts
    Tent & Huts
  • Huts, Dining Hall & Tents
    Huts, Dining Hall & Tents
  • Tent, Dining Hall & Huts
    Tent, Dining Hall & Huts
  • Dining Hall Interior
    Dining Hall Interior
  • Dining Hall Interior
    Dining Hall Interior
  • Double Bedded Hut
    Double Bedded Hut
  • Triple Bedded Hut
    Triple Bedded Hut
  • Washroom

Tariff (Per night) (In Indian Rupees)


E.P.       :   European Plan (Room Only Basis)

C.P.      :    Continental Plan (Room + Breakfast)

M.A.P.  :   Modified American Plan (Room + Breakfast + Lunch/ Dinner)

A.P.       :  American Plan (Room + All Meals)